Niagara University students get "super" lesson

Posted at 11:38 PM, Feb 04, 2016

11 students from Niagara University are in San Francisco to work at Super Bowl 50. It’s meant to be a lesson in sports management. ”You need to be able to plan effectively and organize efficiently otherwise nothing is going to end up working,” said Niagara University Junior, Nicholas Wojcicki. I think that we're going to be kind of escorting a lot of VIP individuals find their seat and everything like that,” explained Scott Goodwin via Facetime. Goodwin’s a senior at N.U.

Niagara University is one of only a handful of colleges across the country to offer the opportunity. Wojcicki said he chose the college just for a chance to work the Super Bowl. ”The city looks phenomenal. It's beautiful weather out here. Everything is super, super bowlish.”

About two dozen students submitted a cover letter and resume. Then each were interviewed. 11 were chosen to be a part of this display that's expected to attract one million visitors leading up to Sunday's big game. Students like Wojcicki say being behind the scenes is an opportunity of a lifetime. “It will be really cool to see everything come together and you know being able to see that really kind of gives a perspective of what you need to do if you want to eventually work in this field,” he said.

The students got there on Wednesday. They return home Monday following the big game.