Niagara Falls store owner shot, killed after armed robbery

Police investigating two reported armed robberies
Niagara Falls store owner dies after robbery
Niagara Falls store owner dies after robbery
Posted at 11:28 AM, Nov 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-23 13:22:37-05

A Niagara Falls convenience store owner has died after being shot during an armed robbery the night before Thanksgiving.

Niagara Falls Police said Ahmad "Poppy" Alsaid was shot while inside the Bridgeway Market on Niagara Street around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Christopher Thurston, who works at the store was there during the robbery.

"They told me to get on the ground," he said. "As soon as he turned his head I ran to the back of the store."

Thurston says he called 911, and then heard three gunshots. By the time the men left, he went to tend to Poppy.

"I couldn't save him," he said. 

Alsaid was taken to Erie County Medical Center where he later died from his injuries.

Poppy was beloved in the community.

Randy Shine is a customer at the store. He has known Poppy for 25 years.

"He reached out and helped anybody in the community," he said.

Police say they received another report of an armed robbery around 8 p.m. at the 7-Eleven store located on Buffalo Avenue.

Witnesses told police that two males armed with firearms entered the store and stole an undetermined amount of cash from the clerk. No injuries were reported during this incident.

Niagara Falls Police Detectives are investigating both incidents and say they appear to be related.

Anyone that may have been in the area and witnessed any suspicious activity or has any other information is urged to contact NFPD at (716) 286-4553 or (716) 286-4711.

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