Niagara Falls starts a musical movement, one piano at a time

Posted at 6:13 AM, Sep 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-19 07:28:03-04

Downtown Niagara Falls looks different these days, thanks to the vision and dedication of one lady - Rosie Lorenti.

A musician and artist at heart, Lorenti is also a lover of Niagara Falls. It's where she works, lives and plays with her band. For her, these streets are home.

Which is why she set out to start a musical movement - #NFPianos.

These beautifully painted pianos are Lorenti's way of spreading hope and joy throughout her community. Giving people from around the world the opportunity to connect through music.

In it's first year, Lorenti and her team of "piano pals" unveiled three beautifully painted pianos: The Abstract Piano near Art Alley, The Rainbow Piano near Rainbow Boulevard and the Tetris Piano near Old Falls Street.

Thanks to donations from the city and others, these pianos now sit on various streets across the city, with the intention of welcoming people with music. 

At night, volunteers cover them, until day, when they make music once again.

"Music is a universal language. We have people visiting from all around the world, when they sit at these pianos, no one cares who speaks what or who understands who, it's about the music," Lorenti said. 

Her goal for next year? To add even more.

With costly upkeep expenses and a goal to keep spreading the music, Lorenti set up a gofundmepage to help raise funds. So far, the page has raised $285.

Her hope is that those who enjoy these pianos will give back to the community they serve to uplift.