Niagara Falls mom claims E-ZPass is a rip-off

Posted at 7:07 PM, Apr 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-30 23:00:01-04

Jessica Bauer said the cashless tolls on Grand Island have left her bank account in the red. 

The issue is forcing the Niagara Falls mom to pinch every penny, since her husband is the only person working at the moment. 

“My bills get put behind, I can’t afford certain things and my grocery list has done way down,” Bauer said. 

Bauer takes the Thruway to get to class at Buffalo State College. She said over the past two weeks the state has billed her debit card $150 after passing through the tolls. She said her E-ZPass was suspended in March for speeding through the old toll stations. The Thruway Authority informed her it’s a violation to use the E-ZPass while under suspension. 

“So I immediately took the tag out of my car,” Bauer said. 

Instead, Bauer would pay the dollar to an attendee. Now that Grand Island uses all cashless tolls, she says the new system recognizes her license plate and it’s charging her $6.00 each time she passes through as if she’s violating her suspension. 

A Thruway Authority representative tells me they will credit Bauer’s account and her E-ZPass should be working properly until her suspension appeal is compete. 

“I mean I would advise anybody to right now check their E-ZPass and determine whether or not it’s in good standings,” Bauer said. 

New York State Thruway Authority released this statement: 


“The Thruway Authority’s top priority is the safety of our motorists and our employees. Speeding through a toll plaza is serious and puts motorists and Thruway personnel in danger. 
When a motorist has their E-ZPass account suspended for speeding, they receive a letter in the mail advising them to discontinue use of the E-ZPass tag and it includes information on how to appeal. Motorists who continue to use a suspended tag can incur violation fees along with the cash toll rate. Customers with questions on suspensions may contact the customer service center at 1-800-333-8655.”

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