Niagara Falls City Council calls on Water Board to compensate those affected by water line breaks

Posted at 10:42 AM, Jan 12, 2018

The Niagara Falls City Council has filed a resolution concerning the water line breaks that have affected residents in the city over "extended periods of time."

The City Council is passing its resolution on to the Niagara Falls Water Board (NFWB), calling on the board to take action.

"This City Council believes that the Niagara Falls Water Board ("NFWB") should somehow compensate residents and rate payers adversely affected by water line breaks," the resolution reads.

The resolution goes on to call upon the NFWB to "develop a compensation program for residents and rate payers" who have been affected by water line breaks.

The City Council is asking the NFWB to create a program and protocol, and create a system of compensation for those affected.

The resolution will be discussed on January 17 at the City Council's next meeting.