Niagara Falls businessman donates school supplies to community

Posted at 11:29 PM, Aug 15, 2017

Faisel Haruna came to the United States from Ghana in 2000 looking for opportunity. Fast forward to 2017, Haruna owns two businesses and wants to give back to the Niagara Falls community for all it has given him. That's why he is donating 1,080 backpacks filled with school supplies. 

"You always have to give back to the city that you love and you care about," Haruna said, "I love Niagara Falls so much that's why I am giving this all back to the city."

The backpacks are being given away at the Niagara Falls Art and Cultural Center on Saturday, August 19th from 12 - 4 pm. There will also be lunch catered. 

This is the third year Haruna is giving school supplies to the community which is completely funded through Haruna's businesses Cameron Transport and Cameron Liquor and Wine. 

"The little money that we make we saved and are able to give it back."

Haruna is also planning to donate $3,000 to both the Cataract City Football team and the Fire Fighters Fund. 

All of this generosity is something his employees know very well. 

"This is the kind of stuff that he loves to do," Rodger Haslep, an employee at Cameron Transport said, "Show the community he gives back because that's the kind of person he is."

"We're doing it for the community." Jessica Edwards, another employee of Haruna's said, "We're not doing it for Cameron Transport, we're doing it for Niagara Falls New York, we're doing it for this community."

While all of the donations are supplied by Haruna himself, school supplies can be dropped off to the Cameron Transport office at 2901 Pine Avenue in Niagara Falls.