Niagara Falls boy reunites with doctors who saved his life

Posted at 6:41 PM, Jul 12, 2017

An emotional reunion as Vikki Avino gives hugs to the doctors who saved the life of her precious baby boy Kaden Mitchell

"I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart," Avino said.

The 7-year old was viciously attacked by two rottweilers in Niagara Falls six weeks ago. Today his head was wrapped in bandages and he wore a brace around his neck. Kaden suffered severe injuries to his head and face. The dogs ripped both of his arteries from his neck.

Kaden was put in a medically induced coma while doctors at both Gates Vascular Institute and Women and Children's Hospital worked to get blood flowing again. Not only was this a scary situation for Kaden and his family, but this was a scary situation for doctors as well.

"Not a lot makes me nervous. I've seen a lot. In this town I've seen a lot. To be honest this one I thought if we could not open up these vessels, we probably would be looking at a tragedy," Dr. Elad Levy with Kaleida Health Stroke Center and cerebrovascular surgery said.

Doctors say the stent they had to put in Kaden's neck will likely prevent him from ever riding a rollercoaster or playing contact sports. He will also have to take aspirin for the rest of his life.

His mom said the support from the community and strangers is what's making this recovery process much easier. She said she feels blessed doctors were just able to save her little boy.