Niagara County releases road repair list

Includes more than 31 miles of road resurfacing
Posted at 8:03 PM, Jun 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-15 08:40:17-04

Niagara County has released its list of upcoming road repairs, and it's extensive, with a price tag of $1.6 million.

According to county officials, the plan includes more than 31 miles of re-surfacing on 15 county roads and more than 40 miles of crack repairs on 14 highways.

Here is a complete list of the Highway Department's road repair plans:

Road Resurfacing:

·   Robinson Road, from Route 93 to the Erie Canal bridge, Lockport

·   Old Tonawanda Creek Road, from Plank Road to Rapids Road, Lockport

·   Rapids Road, from the Goodrich Road Bridge to Wisterman Road, Lockport

·   North Canal Road, from Day Road to Harrington Road, Lockport

·   Hess Road, from Dale Road to Drake Settlement Road, Newfane

·   Bear Ridge Road/Tonawanda Creek Road spurs at Tonawanda Creek bridge, Pendleton

·   Lockport Avenue, from Pendleton-Wheatfield Townline Road to North Tonawanda city line, Pendleton

·   Tonawanda Creek Road, from Old Tonawanda Creek Road to Campbell Blvd., Pendleton

·   Balmer Road, from Route 18 to Ransomville Road, Porter

·   Porter Center Road, from Route 18 to Swan Road, Porter

·   Stone Road, from Middleport village line to Route 104, Royalton

·   Orangeport Road, from the 4200s to Route 104, Royalton

·   Griswold Street, from Route 77 to Graham Road, Royalton

·   Quaker Road, from Route 18 to Lower Lake Road, Somerset

·   Wilson-Burt Road, from Wilson village line for 1.5 miles, Wilson

Shoulder Resurfacing:

·   Comstock Road, from Lockport Road to Route 31, Cambria

·   Upper Mountain Road, from Military Road to Tuscarora Reservation west line, Lewiston

·   Stone Road, from Sunset Drive to Purdy Road bridge, Lockport

·   Sunset Drive, from Stone Road to Upper Mountain Road, Lockport

·   Bear Ridge Road, from Feigle Road to Lockport city line, Lockport and Pendleton

·   Gasport Road, from Route 77 to Bunker Hill Road, Royalton

·   Pendleton-Wheatfield Townline Road, from Crescent Drive to Loveland Road, Wheatfield

·   Nash Road, from Lockport Road to Steig Road, Wheatfield

Crack Filling:

·   Stone Road, from Middleport Erie Canal bridge to Route 104, Hartland

·   Upper Mountain Road, from Tuscarora Reservation to Military Road, Lewiston

·   Raymond and Rapids roads, from Route 93 to Tonawanda Creek Road, Lockport

·   Stone Road, from Johnson Road to Route 104, Lockport

·   Tonawanda Creek Road, from Transit Road to Minnick Road, Lockport

·   Hess Road, from Dale Road to Lake Road, Newfane

·   Charlotteville Road, from Transit Road to Hess Road, Newfane

·   Lockport Road, from Miller Road to Military Road, Niagara

·   Lockport Road, from Packard Road to Wendt Drive, Niagara

·   Packard Road, from Haseley Drive to Porter Road, Niagara

·   Balmer Road, from Ransomville Road to Route 18, Porter

·   Porter Center Road, from Lake Road to Swan Road, Porter

·   Griswold Street, from Graham Road to Route 77, Royalton

·   Royalton Center Road, from Griswold Street to Haseley Road, Royalton