Niagara County farm owner charged with animal cruelty

Posted at 9:22 AM, Nov 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-02 18:32:29-04

A Middleport farm owner is facing dozens of counts of animal cruelty after the SPCA of Niagara found several dead cows on the property, Tuesday.

The SPCA did not identify the farm owner, but said the farm is located on Drum Road.  The owner was arraigned in Hartland court on 47 counts of cruelty. 

Agents say the farm owner failed to provide sustenance for 45 cattle and two sow.  The animals were extremely thin. 

A local farmer was called to deliver hay, according to the SPCA, "and the cattle were seen eagerly following behind the truck for their meal."

Last month, the SPCA of Niagara inspected the property and ordered the owner to "rehome the cattle, or take them to auction."

When crews revisited the site Tuesday, they found the emaciated cattle and took them into SPCA custody.

The SPCA says they are not accustomed to taking on large animal cases and are asking for donations of feed and/or hay.

You can make a donation by calling 731-4368, extension 302.

A hearing is set for this case early next week.