Niagara County encourages pistol permit recertification

Posted at 11:30 PM, Nov 29, 2017

In January, the New York SAFE Act turns five, and with that comes a date to remember for pistol holders, the 31st.

That is the date that pistol permits need to be recertified if the permit was issued before 2013.

If the permit holder missed the deadline, they are breaking the law.

Residents from Niagara County met at the Hartland Town Hall on Wednesday to discuss what will be needed to keep their pistol permits.

The SAFE Act, created in the shadow of the Sandy Hook shooting, looked to increase regulations on gun buying in New York State. Part of the act declared that every five years, pistol permit holders had to recertify.

This was something that many gun owners were unaware of. That’s why Niagara County Clerk Joseph Jastrzemski has been holding meetings across the county to educate gun owners about this law.

“Come February 1st, by the SAFE Act, you will be considered revoked. And if you’re revoked and continue to carry you could be possibly charged with a felony,” said Jastrzemski.

Recertifying is free and can be done online, or by sending in the certification.

It’s a step that many felt is unnecessary for longtime gun owners.

“It’s a royal pain. I mean we had to go through so much to get our permits in the first place.”

The meeting was the 5th that the county clerk has held as he looks to educate the 28,000 pistol permit holders in Niagara County that have still yet to recertify.