Niagara Catholic showcases what it has to offer

Posted at 12:54 PM, Sep 16, 2015

Niagara Catholic School will soon be turning a vacant plot of land right on campus into a $2 million sports facility.

“It’s called the Niagara, which is a partnership between the Niagara Catholic High school, Niagara University and Niagara Falls Boys and Girls Club,” business teacher Brian Hall said.

This facility will be home to all the sports teams for the high school and they are also welcome other non-profit groups for sports and academics.

“The building is actually a non-profit organizations called the Niagara Community Center. The Niagara Boys and Girls club and other like-minded organizations. There is an education component to it,” Hall said.

Elijiah Griggs is a senior basketball player.

“I think the new facility is great for the newcomers to Niagara Catholic,” Griggs said.

Along with the new facility, the school is also offering some hands-on classes, including business and hospitality training, that will prepare the students for college.

“I thought it was great because it is a big industry going on right now especially in our area. We have Niagara Falls and all the sports teams the Bills and the Sabres,” student Heather Murray said.

Along with entrepreneurship and business they also offer person finance training for the students.

“Things I'm going to have to learn like how to finance a house, how to buy a car, things that we have to know when we get older,” Griggs said.

The school will be showcasing all they have to offer at an open house on Sunday, September 27.

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