NFTA wants to turn Buffalo rail stations into mixed-use stations

Posted at 6:16 PM, May 15, 2018

Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority is looking into turning seven rail stations into mixed-use buildings. 

The new Allen Street Station which incorporates the new University at Buffalo School of Medicine serves as a model for future development at the other stations. 

Helen Tederous, Spokesperson for NFTA said the authority wants to add space in the terminals for businesses like restaurants, retail, and even apartments. 

“By developing these rail stations we are developing communities and helping businesses and acting as an economic engine which is really exciting to us,” Tederous said. 

She said the goal is to make rising the rails more appealing and convenient, while expanding ridership. 

The NFTA is seeking developers for all of the NFTA-Metro Rail Corridor properties located in the City of Buffalo, including Lasalle Station, Amherst Station, Humboldt-Hospital Station, Delavan College Station, Utica Station, Summer-Best Station and the soon-to-be developed DL&W Station. 

McGuire Development Company has been hired by NFTA to find interested developers for the project. 

The authority hopes to have proposals for each station within the next six months. 

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