New York State Trooper killed in Montgomery County on his way to work

Posted at 1:12 PM, Nov 27, 2018

New York State Trooper Jeremy J. VanNostrand died on his way to work Tuesday morning in Montgomery County.

The Trooper was on his way to the State Police barracks in Fonda when he was rear-ended and pushed into oncoming traffic. He was transported and died at Albany Medical Center.

Trooper VanNostrand was 36 years old. was a six-year veteran of the force, most recently the Trooper worked SP Fonda. He also worked in Troop F in Middletown and Liberty.

VanNostrand leaves behind his wife, his six-year-old daughter, parents and siblings.

The New York State Troopers PBA reports Trooper VanNostrand is the 23rd member of the New York State Police to die in the line of duty in the past ten years.

In a written statement, PBA President Thomas H. Mungeer said, "Trooper VanNostrand served the people of the state of New York with pride and professionalism. He made the ultimate sacrifice and he will never be forgotten."

The PBA's Signal 30 Benefit Fund is accepting donations on behalf of Trooper VanNostrand's family. Donations can be made online through the Signal 30 website.

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