New York council delays action on water contaminant limits

Posted at 1:44 AM, Oct 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-03 01:44:09-04

The deadline for a New York state council to report on recommended limits for several emerging contaminants in drinking water has passed without any regulations proposed.

Instead, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday the state Drinking Water Quality Council will meet on Oct. 17 to discuss a recent federal report recommending new minimum levels for polyfluoroalkyl chemicals such as PFOA and PFOS. The chemicals were widely used in nonstick coatings and firefighting foam.

The 12-member council was created by Democrat Cuomo and the Legislature in September 2017 after green groups criticized the state's handling of PFOA contamination in Rensselaer County. Statute required the council to recommend contaminant limits within a year.

Cuomo on Tuesday said $200 million from a fund approved in 2017 is available to help communities address water contaminants.

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