New website meant to fight property assessments launched by Tom Golisano

Posted at 11:06 AM, Jan 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-16 17:37:01-05

Interested in fighting your property assessment? There’s a new websiteaimed at helping you navigate through the process. 

Billionaire businessman Tom Golisano announced Tuesday a new campaign, Tax My Property Fairly, to help Upstate New York homeowners fight for fair property taxes.

The campaign features a new website to help property owners in Upstate New York understand why their property taxes are among the highest in the nation relative to property value, how the assessment process has become inconsistent and inequitable, and how people can challenge their assessments if they feel their properties are not fairly assessed.

Golisano said, "I want to see a public swell of concern over the property tax process and how inequitable and unfair it is, and see a change in the process. When you compare the property tax system to those for sales and income taxes, just look at the figures, whether homeowners are over or under assessed, there is no equity here."

Golisano is also planning to launch a class action lawsuit on behalf of Upstate NY taxpayers who sold their homes for less than assessed value to try to help them recover some of the tax overpayment. 

For more information on the lawsuit, click here.