A new vegan ice cream shop is sprouting up on Elmwood Avenue

Posted at 7:08 PM, Nov 13, 2018

Plants are plentiful at the vegan cafe Root & Bloom at the 400 block of Elmwood Avenue. The plant based eatery has been open since May and already has plans to expand. 

Buffalo natives, Sarah Sendlbeck and James Ernst wanted to bring a California oasis to the "The Queen City" and bring a delicious plant based cuisine as well. 

"We wanted to bring something that was just a little bit different," Sarah Sendlbeck, owner of Root & Bloom said. "To try and mix things up in the community." 

The cafe offers no animal product based foods what-so-ever. Instead of using normal cheese, they cultivate their own using cashews, substitute eggs for tofu and instead of meat-- they use vegetables or other meat alternatives. 

"We want to provide comfort dishes and deeply satisfying plant dishes that are really innovative and different," Sendlbeck added. 

Just steps away, Root & Bloom is adding a vegan creamery that will serve up dairy-free ice cream. The ice cream will be made out of nut-milk and soy milk. Sendlbeck adds that people will be able to get plain flavors but she is also testing out glitter filled ice cream. 

Construction will begin in a few weeks and the store is slated to open sometime in February. 

There are also many myths about vegan food, Sendlbeck was able to explain some of them: 

Vegan: a person that does not eat or use any animal products. 

Myth #1: Vegan meals are only vegetables. Yes the meals are plant based, but they can consist of tofu, "chicken wings" which are really just jack fruit deep fried with coconut Buffalo sauce. 

Myth #2: You have to give up something when you are vegan. Most things people eat can be mimicked in a vegan way Sendlbeck said. 

Myth #3: All Vegan food is healthy. Sugar, oil, and other fatty foods are considered vegan, it just depends how a person eats specific food Sendlbeck added. 

Myth #4: Vegan is only a diet. Yes it is a type of diet, but Sendlbeck says it is also a way of life. Being kind and respecting all living beings is part of what being vegan is all about. 

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