New Black Rock tech center to bring hundreds of jobs to the area

Posted at 2:45 PM, Apr 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-11 18:13:17-04

An old burned-out factory on Chandler Street in Buffalo could soon be the site of the cities next tech center. 

Signature Development spent $50 million to purchase land on Chandler Street with the hope of completely revitalizing the area. Part of it includes a new facility for tech companies to call home. 

"This is going to reinvent Black Rock, you won't know this street in two years" Rocco Termini, President of Signature Development said. 

In addition to offices and manufacturing areas the facility hopes to have an indoor volleyball court, corn-hole recreation area, a chef-staffed cafeteria that will provide free breakfast and lunch to the employees, and other restaurants. Termini believes this will me the push tech companies need to relocate to Western New York. 

"It is very difficult to get millennials that are software developers to come to Buffalo because we don't have the 'cool space'" Termini said. 

One of the stores that will be moving into the new tech complex is Barrel and Brine, who are excited for the new space. 

"We're going to be part of building a community where there is literally nothing right now" Co-owner Lindsey Marvin said. 

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