New spin on workouts at VIBE Cycling Studio in Orchard Park

Posted at 8:03 AM, Oct 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-03 08:00:05-04

It's almost that time to think about what we'll be doing to stay active when snow blankets the ground...and a studio in Orchard Park is offering a lot of workouts under one roof.

You can try a barre class, beginner or advanced spin, "cake" which focuses on abs and glutes, cross spin and yoga! 

Owner Ashley Kelly opened VIBE after not being able to find anywhere she felt comfortable. "I don't come from a fitness background, I was always a client and wanted to create a space where I felt comfortable," says Kelly. The 26 year-old mom then launched VIBE with the mission to make it different and accessible.

The lighting at VIBE makes all the difference. During a spin class, the lights are all off. The front of the class has lit candles so you can see the instructor, but the darkened lighting allows you to be absorbed into the class and focus only on yourself and not the person next to you.

During barre and yoga classes, the lighting is softer and purple. Kelly says removing the florescent lighting makes the class more welcoming and less intimidating for people who just want to try something new.

"Come as you are, because you are enough," says Kelly. She points to the family, encouraging environment at VIBE for the success the studio has seen during its one year open.

To find more information, click here.

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