New sexual consent app for college students

Posted at 11:22 AM, Sep 27, 2016

A new app called "SaSie" claims to be the new tool to help decrease sexual assault on college campus, by allowing sexual partners to sign a virtual consent form.

The app is suppose to help avoid the confusion and drama of "Affirmative Consent in a climate where there is so much riding on getting it right."

The app claims to set "the gold standard for affirmative consent" by helping college students stay in compliance with their school's sexual conduct policies. 

The way it works, sexual partners open the app, read and sign a contract, snap photos of both of your i-ds, and then save it all to a password protected file. 

But one sexual assault victim said she's concerned about what happens if consent is revoked, during sex. 

"One of them says I don't want this anymore. I've changed my mind this is not what I was looking for. An app is not going to show that there was that," Karmen Carter said. 

Legal experts say computer generated consent forms would probably be admissible as one piece of evidence in a rape trial. But would definitely not be conclusive.