New mother earns first diploma with BPS Virtual Pathway Program

First diploma in BPS Virtual Pathways Program
Posted at 3:31 PM, Apr 26, 2017

Today, just days after welcoming her baby boy into the world, student Jonta Daniels became the first student to accept a diploma through a new, virtual program with Buffalo Public Schools. 

It's called the Virtual Pathway Program. It's a second chance opportunity that offers credit recovery from a computer at school or remotely at home.

The program is currently in four schools in Western New York: Burgard, South Park, Riverside, and Alternative School Academy. There are approximately 25-30 students enrolled at each, and it’s looking to expand to two more schools.

At one point, Daniels was enrolled at two different high schools. She admits she had a slow start to her high school education. But she was tenacious and stayed focused.

That determination is something Daniels credits to her Grandmother.

"She has given me support and encouraged me to keep going despite life obstacles," she says. 

But then Daniels faced the new challenge of finishing her education during pregnancy. That’s when the Virtual Pathway Program came in. It enabled Daniels to complete her courses from home. 

As for the future, Daniels says she’s looking into a career in the medical field, possibly nursing or dental. She says the experiences she gained during her time in Mayor Byron Brown's Summer Youth Program sparked her interest, working at Buffalo General Hospital.