New McDonalds kiosks will not cost a single job

Posted at 2:52 PM, May 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-10 11:12:14-04

On May 4th, the McDonalds on Union Road in West Seneca unveiled their new look. 

They spent 3.5 weeks renovating the restaurant to bring a new look to the exterior as well as new kiosks that customers can order from. 

"I think the change we're looking for is to evolve with customers and what they want and what they need" Union Road McDonalds owner Sandra Haefner said. 


Why did we do this story?
This is something new coming to Western New York, which could have a big impact on your next fast-food visit. The natural question being asked anytime jobs once performed by people are automated is: 'will this cost jobs?'
What's new here?
These are among the first self-order kiosks in Western New York. More will be coming, as every WNY McDonald's location is expected to add these kiosks.
What's the evidence that these kiosks won't cost jobs?
The company itself has said that the kiosks won't, adding they'll need to hire people to maintain the kiosks. These aren't the first kiosks in the nation, and there haven't been any reports of the kiosks cutting jobs in other cities.


The introduction of the new kiosks creates a new system of ordering for McDonalds while also keeping every job at the location. 

"People think it's taking jobs away, it's not taking jobs away," Haefner said, "It's actually adding jobs."

The plan is that all 67 McDonalds locations within Western New York have the same renovations done to them by the end of 2019. 


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