New location planned for drug treatment center

Posted at 11:14 PM, Aug 21, 2017

Complaints over a new location for an Amherst methadone clinic is now prompting action.

Catholic Health has announced the clinic will be relocated to a more industrial area off of French Road. It was originally proposed near a residential area on Millersport Highway.

After a fight that dragged on for months, a group of Amherst residents are relieved a proposed chemical dependence treatment center won't be placed in their neighborhood.

“We know there's a need for the clinics, we just didn't want it in our front yard,” said one resident.

The new proposed location, 210 John Glenn Drive, is further away from residential areas, while also providing vital access to those in need.

Catholic Health officials say their next chemical dependency treatment facility will likely be in a similar suburban setting.

“We need to look at the demographics like we did in Amherst and realize that 30 percent of our population comes from the suburbs, so it will be somewhere in the suburbs but we don't know where yet,” said Catholic Health president, Mark Sullivan.