New flavors & attractions for 2018 Wing Fest

Posted at 1:44 PM, Aug 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-21 14:20:44-04

A mechanical chicken wing, some funky chicken wing flavors, and bachelor parties are all features for the 17th annual National Buffalo Wing Festival. 

Wing Fest brings people from all over the world to the Queen City to try new flavors of Buffalo wings and experience wings from their birthplace.

With more than 26 vendors from Rhode Island to Mexico and across the pond in London, there are over 100 different flavors to try. 

Some of the most eye catching flavors include: Whiskey Pomegranate BBQ, Coconut Curry Dry Rub, Blackberry Brandy, and a Margarita Buffalo wing.

The wings are the star of the show, but "Wing King" Drew Cerza is excited to bring more of an experience to Wing Fest. 

"Now what I am trying to do is create events within events," Cerza said. "I want different things to get different people to come." 

Many of the fan favorite attractions are back this year like the mechanical chicken wing where a person can ride a chicken wing like a mechanical bull. Buffalo Ninja Challenge which is a spin off from the TV show American Ninja Warrior, will have adults and children competing to finish an obstacle course as quick as they can. If someone needs to add some fitness into the weekend, the 3rd annual Chicken Wing 5K is also slated for September 2nd. at 11am. 

Calling all soon-to-be Grooms...

Wing Fest is now a destination for Bachelor parties hosting "The World's Coolest Bachelor Party". Men that are getting married in the next year can sign up to have their bachelor party at Wing Fest. Only 17 future grooms will experience the VIP treatment with a free bucket of wings and a prize package from Labatt.

The idea to have bachelor parties at Wing Fest came when Cerza was watching "The Hangover" movies and Buffalo native Jason Tartick's fourth place finish on "ABC's The Bachelorette". Jason was a contestant and brought the Bachelorette Becca to Buffalo, they had a chicken wing eating contest at the Anchor Bar. 

Thrillist.com and TheManual.com consider Buffalo an underrated destination for bachelor parties. 

"I want Buffalo to become a destination for bachelor parties across the county," Cerza said. "In Buffalo you can get crazy but it's fun and you are going to wake up alive, just with a bad headache." 

Bachelors can sign up at www. Buffalowing.com, seven bachelors have already signed up and only ten more spots are available. 

Wing Fest will be held at Coco-Cola Field (275 Washington Street Buffalo 14203) on September 1st (12pm-9pm) and September 2nd (12pm-7pm). More information for the festival can be found at www.BuffaloWing.com. 

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