New facility opening soon offers safety and defense training

Posted at 6:37 PM, Dec 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-15 18:37:41-05

When, and how should you use a pistol? How should you defend yourself? That's what Defensor Inc. wants to train you to know, in a very unique way.

"If you're sitting, shooting at a paper target, you've never been shot back," said chief operations officer, David Ditullio. "And here, with our weapon system, we're able to do that now."

Placing you in different real life scenarios where someone could approach you. Anything from putting gas in your car, or being inside your home. A situation where your target is more than just paper.

"It starts training your mind to understand what it's like to actually have someone coming at you and 'do or don't I' pull that out," said Ditullio.

Situations that have happened in different institutions in the past. A reason why Ditullio wants to train as many as possible on what to do.

"Unfortunately, that's the world that we're living in with school shootings becoming more popular, shootings in churches we've seen in the past, road rage incidents," said Ditullio.

It's also something that hits close to home to the 23-year combat Veteran.

"Going through the mountains of Afghanistan and clearing villages and applying these things, I have been shot at, I've been blown up and I know what it's like to be at the end of someone who's trying to kill me," recalled Ditullio.

Now, he's putting you in those shoes, running through these different simulations, fitting for anyone, including those waiting for their pistol permits, like Douglas Kokanovich. Kokanovich has waited 14 months for his pistol permit. He agreed agreed that this would be a good way to get extra training.

"If you ever had to use it, you don't want to be in panic, where is it, how do I get the safety off, you have to know it," said Kokanovich. "You have to shoot it a lot." 

Ditullio said they're teaching you more than what you learn at a shooting range.

He added that their prices are all-inclusive. One hour totaling to $30, and two hours totaling to $50.

Defensor will open its doors January 8th. You can go to their Facebook page for more information.