New cybersecurity program at Buffalo Public Schools

Posted at 5:43 PM, Oct 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-13 17:45:38-04

On Thursday, Delaware North and the Buffalo Public Schools announced the launch of a partnership for a cyber-security curriculum for the school district.

The Buffalo based hospitality company's information technology department is working with B.P.S. to launch a 4-year learning program. This program would give students at Bennett High School's Computing Academy of Technological Sciences and East Community High School a chance to learn the business side of cyber security, while preparing for college.

" I can tell you corporations M&T and everybody in this community has a growing need for cyber-security in their business and there is a shortage," Co-CEO of Delaware North, Jerry Jacobs Jr. said.

There is a growing demand for cyber-security professionals as technology continues to advance. School leaders believe this will benefit Buffalo businesses and students alike.

"There is going to be large retirements in the near future our of many many industries, and we want our students to be prepared to take those spots in those places in a robust economy," Buffalo Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Kriner Cash said.

"It's a very critical skill set to have and by taking Buffalo Public Schools and focusing on this area we are opening up a world of opportunities for these kids," Vice President of Information Technology for Delaware North, Yvette Vincent said.