New app to detect fake wine launches nationally, developed in Buffalo

Posted at 11:37 AM, Mar 01, 2018

Western New Yorkers know their wine. 

Steve Glamuzina has nationally launched Prosurix, an app designed help stop the sale of fake wine and spirits. He developed the app back in June 2015.

How the app works 

The app uses near field communication technology to track a bottle from the time of bottling to when it's sold in a store. 

A Prosurix tag is attached at the time of bottling and encoded with an encrypted ID. The tag makes it nearly impossible for counterfeiters to affect a legitimate bottle. As the bottle travels from distribution to retail, the tag is scanned at each point, which allows for real time tracking and ensuring authenticity.

Fake wine is big business

“The selling of counterfeit wines and spirits, especially online, has become a big business,” said Glamuzina. “While sometimes spotting fake products can be obvious, for the regular consumer they may think they are just getting a good deal. Prosurix provides a solution to ensure the authenticity of the product and providing specific product details to consumers at the point of sale.”

To download the app, visit Prosurix.com.

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