Neighbors want closed Clarence road fixed

Posted at 11:24 PM, Oct 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-11 07:39:50-04

The road is closed and it has been for a while.

Tonawanda Creek Road started crumbling towards the body of water it's named after more than two years ago. That's a problem for people in Clarence who live near the road, and it's not a just a headache for drivers. It's bad for business.

“It used to drop business about 25%. Now with GPS, it's a little bit less. But, it's still significant,” said Kevin Bilger, the owner of the Greenwood Golf Course, located just down the road.

This isn't the first time a section on Tonawanda Creek Road has been closed for a span of years.

“Let's see. It's caved in one, two, three, five times in that direction,” recalled Bigler.

On Tuesday, neighbors and Erie County Legislator Ed Rath will meet to discuss options for the road.

“I think the thing is how to figure out how we get the funding, and how can we solve the problem on a more permanent basis,” said Dennis Mayer who has lived near the road for decades.

Hundreds of people around the area have already signed a petition trying to secure more money from the state to fix the road. The project to repair Tonawanda Creek Road could cost upwards of $3 million.