Neighbors skeptical about Checkers' return

Posted at 10:23 PM, Apr 17, 2018

Checkers bar had been an institution in the Buffalo area at the time of its closing in January of this year.

Recently, the bar was purchased with plans to reopen. Neighbors have reported that patrons of the bar would leave and cause a nuisance to the area. Empty beer bottles, parking difficulties, and damage to property are some of the issues that were seen. 

At a public meeting held at Daily Planet Coffee Company the new owner of the bar, Jamison Phillips, had the chance to hear the problems many in the neighborhood feared. One of his main points was to assure the neighborhood Checkers will be a different bar. 

"I love the North Buffalo tradition of Checkers" Phillips said, "but it's going to be new and clean and well run operation."

The meeting became heated at times as a few neighbors were obvious in how they opposed the bar. 

By the time the meeting concluded however, many said they were at least open to giving the new bar a chance. 

"We're taking a chance so we can assess it later. Our Councilman has said if we have complaints we can voice it with him" Arthur Chmura, a nearby neighbor said. 

Phillips said he hopes the bar will reopen by May, as they await a vote by the Buffalo City Council. 

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