Neighbors: Keep the cabaret closed!

Posted at 5:20 PM, Jun 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-24 09:36:49-04
Tiffany's Cabaret in Buffalo remains closed after an April shooting. Residents who are part of a block club are hoping to keep the Clinton Street establishment closed. 
"Federal courts have ruled you can't stop them from opening. They have a right to open but they don't have a right to threaten public safety," said Councilman David Franczyk of the Fillmore District. 
Councilman Franczyk said the building on Clinton Street has been an adult entertainment business for decades.
"April of this year, there was a shooting incident there," he said. "In light of that shooting incident the Buffalo Police Commissioner Dan Darenda ordered this establishment closed."
The shooting happened April 30, according to a police complaint report. The report also shows there have been seven complaints this year. The most serious was a gun complaint, leading to an arrest on February 27.
"There's a lot of kids around here and there's been quite a few shootings at the bar so with it closed it's been really nice," said Mary Pendziwiater a neighbor. "When we hear the gun fire when we get up or we hear a lot of noise, it's like two or three in the morning."
Two members of the block club wish to remain anonymous but say they're fed up. 
"If it's going to jeopardize the community and jeopardize the kids the community would like it to stay closed," said one. 
The other said "every time this business is open there's been numerous shootings and bullets don't have names. Walls don't stop bullets."
 A few years ago Councilman Franczyk said you could see damage from gunfire. 
"There was some bullet holes in some of the houses," he said. "That's unacceptable."
The club is under the management of David Scrivani. If he wants the business reopened, he has to contact the division of licensing and hold a public hearing. A spokesperson for the city says that will happen in the next 30 days.
"I've attempted to call the operator Mr. Scrivani but his mailbox is full," said Franczyk. "I would prefer they did not reopen."
The block club will meet on July 5th at Love Alive Fellowship Church on Lewis Street at 6 p.m.