Neighbors fed up with semis on residential road

Posted at 5:39 PM, Aug 09, 2017

Brenda Baez wants the Town of Tonawanda Police to stop semis from rolling down Two Mile Creek Road, where she lives.

This residential road has a weight limit of 5 tons, but a lot of 18 wheelers are still using the road anyway. It's unclear if truckers are using it as a short cut to get from Kenmore Avenue, over to Cooper Road, or if they mistake the road for a commercial route. Either way Baez believes the trucks are causing some serious damage.

"They are cracking our streets. They are cracking our basements. Right over there in front of my house there is a major gasline and it's now cracking around it," Baez said.

What maybe an issue for some truckers is the weight limit sign near Kenmore Avenue and Two Mile Creek Road. Some truckers would say it's in a blind spot. It's only noticeable after turning off of Kenmore onto Two Mile Creek Road. At that point truckers' only option is to keep going.

So who's in charge here? 7 Eyewitness News looked into it. Two Mile Creek is an Erie County Road. Which means Town of Tonawanda Police are responsible for enforcing the weight limit. Lt. Tom Haynes said the department is aware of the issue, constantly monitoring the road, and working to catch violators.

"I hope that they move the weight limit sign closer to the corner down there, so they can realize they can't go down here," Baez said.