Neighbors, and one councilmember, are fixing up abandoned properties in South Buffalo

Posted at 6:24 PM, Aug 25, 2017

Mike Noe pushes his lawnmower across the grass just outside his property, as he does to keep his neighborhood tidy.

It's just one of the many deeds neighbors in South Buffalo are doing to keep their area tidy. On August 24, they were joined by Councilman Chris Scanlon.

Scanlon was photographed mowing the lawn of an abandoned home by Hook and Ladder, a development company located in South Buffalo.

Between Hook and Ladder and the neighbors in the community like Mike Noe, the number of abandoned properties in South Buffalo that need attending has gone down, according to Councilman Scanlon.

Scanlon said while his office does not have to go out and tend to these properties nearly as much, the number of abandoned properties itself remains an issue.