Neighborhoods fight for new train station in Buffalo

Business owners, developers attend public hearing
Posted at 12:49 PM, Jan 19, 2017

The line to file into council chambers within City Hall stretched dozens long. Business owners, neighborhood representatives and developers all lined up for a chance to share why they think their neighborhood needs a new train station.

It's a multi-million dollar project that could revitalize or grow a neighborhood, something that candidates from five different possible train station hubs are vying for. Some candidates for the Amtrak station include Canalside, the Central Terminal, Larkinville and the current Exchange Street station.

Mayor Byron Brown's committee consists of transportation representatives and local and state politicians. The committee will hear proposals from the public and will have to make a decision by this spring.

Governor Andrew Cuomo put a timeline on the selection of a new train station location, meaning the committee will just have a few months to analyze and choose a location for the Amtrak station.