Neighborhood outraged over chicken slaughterhouse

Posted at 5:56 PM, Oct 13, 2017

A Cheektowaga man filed for a zoning permit, to turn an old Dairy Queen into a restaurant/chicken slaughterhouse. 

It’s causing some outrage among neighbors in the Walden Avenue and Academy neighborhood. The potential business owner, Masaab Darwish said the restaurant would serve some of Buffalo’s favorites. 

In the garage behind the business on the property, would be there the slaughtering would happen. They would prepare meat for the Muslim faith customs known as Halal. 

This would be the only slaughterhouse within the Buffalo City limits. Neighbors say people have tried to make the vacant building a slaughterhouse several years ago and it failed. The Academy Block Club has a petition circulating to stop this business from happening. 

“The negative connotation to that could decrease property value,” said David Levine, owner of neighboring rheumatology business. 

A supporter of the potential new business didn’t want to talk on camera. But he said Halal slaughterhouses are common in New York City, and he understands both point of views. 

Although, it will be up to the Buffalo Zoning Board on Wednesday, October 18th to decide if this business flies or dies.