Native Western New Yorkers living down south prepare for Hurricane Florence

Posted at 7:34 AM, Sep 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-11 07:35:19-04

Evacuation is easier said than done. That's what Town of Tonawanda native Kathy Lukacz is finding.

Lukacz is originally from the Town of Tonawanda. She and her husband moved to Southport, North Carolina about five years ago. They're now preparing for the strongest storm they've seen in their time down south. 

"We've been filling bathtubs with water in case water is turned off, we've been making ice in case we lose power. That's all if we're still here. We'll have a generator we can hook up to things...we actually have that because of the October storm," says Kathy Lukacz. She and her husband are planning to evacuate if they can, but are making preparations in the event they can't leave.

Lukacz's husband works for a realty company that's boarding up vacation homes to potentially save them from tens of thousands of dollars in damage. He's working until the last moment possible, so the couple can't leave just yet. The longer they wait to leave, the harder it will be as traffic is already packing up and gasoline is becoming harder to find.

If they can leave, the Lukacz's are planning to go Atlanta to stay with family members.

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