Woman uses chief of police's business card to allegedly snort heroin

Posted at 9:23 PM, Jul 31, 2017

An Ohio woman is accused of using a chief of police's business card to snort heroin in her house, Chief Douglas Swartz said on the Canal Fulton, Ohio Police Facebook page

The incident took place in Uniontown, Ohio on Sunday. 

According to Swartz, a household member found the 47-year-old woman passed out. The man took the woman to the police station to be checked out. 

“She was standing with both feet on the ground and leaning over the bed, however, from her waist up she was not touching the bed”, the witness described to the officers. 

The man scooped up white powder and possible drug paraphernalia and took it with him to the police station as evidence. Doing this, Swartz said, put the man in unnecessary danger. 

"It is very important NOT to do what this household member did today, and that is touch this drug," Swartz wrote. "Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine and just a quarter of a milligram, which is just a few granules, can kill you. Carfentanil, which has reared its ugly head in Canal Fulton a few times, is much, much worse."

Among the evidence the man brought to the police station was Swartz's business card. The woman told police that she snorts heroin. Swartz said he was at the woman's home earlier in the week to contact another police agency. 

"It was this business card that was rolled up and used for the purposes of ingesting the heroin that he collected from the scene and brought to the police station," Swartz said. 

The woman has not been formally charged, and is being given the option of a drug treatment program in lieu of criminal charges.