Woman caught on camera stealing donation box in Michigan meant to help animals

Posted at 11:18 PM, May 15, 2018

Surveillance video captured a woman red-handed, with her hand in a donation box at a 7 - Eleven in Melvindale, Michigan.

However, she wasn’t putting in her two cents.  

The images have some people outraged and giving the lady a piece of their minds. 

The video shows the woman standing at the counter. It appears when the coast was clear, she made her move.

According to the video, she grabbed the donation box meant for the Dearborn Animal Shelter and people with Friends For Animals of Metro Detroit.

The staff and volunteers help cats and dogs every step of the way. The donations are used for medical care, food, shelter and anything the animals need in order to help them get adopted.

Now it’s gone. 

“There’s about 40 dollars in there coins and bills”, said 7-Eleven employee Michelle Roberson.

“Robbing alone is disturbing, but from a charity that only helps people!,"  said David Wayman, who also works at the store. 

The shelter and the non-profit both need the support, said  Katie Johnson, Director of Operations with Friends of Animals of Metro Detroit.

“We are a non-profit, we take in 2,500 animals a year and we rely on the generosity and support of wonderful donors," Johnson said. "We just put an appeal out there to say, whoever took it, please return it because it will really help us save a little furry life." 

If you would like to help them recoup some of the money that was lost when the donation box was stolen, you can make a donation at www.metrodetroitanimals.org.