Wisconsin teen stuck in Paris with medical emergency

Posted at 10:24 PM, Apr 30, 2018

A Lake Geneva, Wisconsin family is trying to raise money to bring their teenager home from a trip overseas where he became ill.

Nathan Dyer traveled to Morocco with his cousin Ashley Benyamina and her husband Mohammed who is from the North African country. He fell ill on April 15 and is now in a coma receiving care in Paris. 

The beginning of the trip was great, Ashley and Mohammed said, and Nathan was enjoying everything the country had to offer.

“He was in the desert running in the dunes, he was climbing mountains we were playing soccer in the streets,” Mohammed said.

Then when the three returned to Marrakesh, Nathan started exhibiting symptoms of what they thought was travelers sickness. 

Doctors gave him antibiotics and told him he’d be better in three or four days. That didn’t happen, so they made another doctor’s appointment.

“The appointment was like at 3 p.m. and at 2 p.m. He said, 'I’m really not feeling well, I think I have to go' and then he collapsed on the floor," Ashley said. 

Nathan has been in a coma ever since. Nathan had traveler’s insurance which got him transported by air ambulance to Paris for better care. That’s where he remains now.

His mother has flown there to be with him. His insurance maxed out at $50,000 for the trip from Morocco to Paris. Now family members have set up a GoFundMe.com page to help with expenses. 

Doctors still aren’t exactly sure what is wrong with Nathan. He is currently receiving blood plasma transfusions and still remains in a coma-like state.