White lion at China zoo turns heads for unique mane

Ukraine White Lion
Posted at 5:18 PM, Jun 02, 2022

A white lion at a China zoo is turning heads for its unique mane.

According to TMZ, pictures of Hang Hang, the white lion, who is at the Guangzhou Zoo, went viral after they were posted on Chinese social media.

Newsweek reported that a woman visiting the zoo took pictures of the lion and posted them to her Little Red Book page. Shortly after posting the pictures, they went viral.

Social media users pointed out that the lion's mane looked styled, the news outlets reported.

Newsweek reported that zoo officials were prompted to respond because of the popularity of the lions 'do.

They denied giving the animal a haircut, adding that the animal had "taken care of" the hairstyle himself.

Officials say the hairstyle is believed to be a result of high humidity in the region, the media outlets reported.