Use social media to get a job: 3 money tips

Posted at 4:53 PM, Mar 03, 2017

Companies are not posting job applications and openings directly to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Lindsey Granger and social media expert Lily Zimmel have three money tips to help find that dream gig using social media.

1.  Personality Lands Jobs

A lot of companies are really into company culture right now, so utilizing your profile to show your personality can help seal the deal when somebody is looking at your social media. Honing it in and not being too extreme by shouting your political views and things of that sort may not help you. Make sure you follow the companies you like. Hopefully they'll follow back and you'll get a head start on that first impression.

2.  Show a Wide Range of Interests

You don't want to pigeonhole yourself into one interest. If you're showing that you're well-rounded, some of the qualities can show that you're a leader or you have interests in things that relate to that company. A lot of employers use a social profile to learn if a candidate has multiple interests.

3.  Display Awards & Accolades

It seems like boasting a little bit, but not so much to employers. They want to see your accomplishments. Whether you just won employee of the month or a more credible award, flaunt it on your social media. Just because it's listed on your resume, a photo to back it up just makes it much more real.

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