Trump administration extends visa ban to non-immigrants

Trump administration extends visa ban to non-immigrants
Posted at 4:50 PM, Jun 22, 2020

The Trump administration is extending a ban on green cards issued outside the United States until the end of the year and adding many temporary work visas to the freeze, including those used heavily by technology companies and multinational corporations.

The administration is casting the effort as a way to free up jobs in an economy reeling from the coronavirus. A senior official who spoke to reporters on condition of anonymity estimated the restrictions will free up to 525,000 jobs for Americans.

Through the first 60 days of the program, the senior administration official said the White House projects that the visa ban saved around 50,000 American jobs, but could not specify the type of jobs.

The ban does not impact refugees or people already in the United States, a senior official said.

The ban, while temporary, would amount to major restructuring of legal immigration if made permanent.