Trump administration appealing latest asylum ban ruling

Posted at 1:23 PM, Dec 26, 2018

The Trump administration said Wednesday it is appealing a federal judge's order that blocks the administration from implementing asylum restrictions on the southern border.

According to a court filing, the administration told the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals it plans to appeal federal District Judge Jon Tigar's December 19 order, which extended an initial block on the new rules.

President Donald Trump signed a presidential proclamation last month that would bar migrants who illegally cross into the United States over the southern border from seeking asylum outside of official ports of entry.

Previously, a panel of judges on the 9th Circuit upheld Tigar's original temporary injunction in an opinion penned by federal Circuit Judge Jay Bybee, a George W. Bush nominee.

And last week, the Supreme Court let stand Judge Tigar's original order temporarily blocking the Trump administration's new asylum restrictions in a 5-4 ruling in which Chief Justice Roberts sided with the four liberal justices.

Trump has continually railed against the 9th Circuit as "very unfair."