Tornado touches down in Colorado, damages structures

At least 3 homes damaged
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Posted at 10:01 AM, Jun 08, 2021

PLATTEVILLE, Colo. — A tornado touched down north of Firestone, Colorado, on Monday and traveled to an area three miles northwest of Platteville in Weld County.

Around 5:15 p.m., KMGH's news helicopter captured video of the landspout tornado west of Platteville as it remained on the ground for several minutes.

Mike Nelson explains landspout tornado that touched down near Platteville

The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for the area until 6 p.m. They urged residents in the affected area to take cover immediately. The warning expired and the NWS reported the storm no longer had rotation.

PHOTOS | Viewer images of the Weld County tornado

Weld County authorities said the tornado traveled between Highway 66 and Weld County Road 42, between WCR 17 and 13. The tornado dissipated around 5:45 p.m.

The National Weather Service said power poles and lines were taken down near Highway 66 and County Road 21. One home was damaged after a downed power line caused a fire. Officials said at least two other homes, a feedlot and a dairy lot were reported damaged in the tornado. The Weld County Office of Emergency Management has identified potentially six damaged or destroyed structures as of Monday evening. Damage assessments will continue Tuesday morning.

No injuries have been reported. However, there have been reports of lost livestock, according to the Platteville Gilcrest Fire District.

KMGH's James Dougherty came upon a scene near Platteville, where residents outside assessing the damage found some kittens that survived inside a building that was tossed around in the storm.


The National Weather Service will survey the damage Tuesday to determine the exact track and intensity of the tornado.

The storms that produced the tornado caused disruptions at Denver International Airport. The airport reported several departure and arrival delays.

The most tornado-prone county in Colorado and the entire country is Weld County, which has seen 268 tornadoes since 1950.

This story was originally published by Robert Garrison at KMGH.