For one couple, trip to inauguration is 40 years in the making

Posted at 5:25 PM, Jan 20, 2017

The journey to the inauguration started before the sun came up for Bill and Bertha Wilson. The couple, married more than 40 years, hopped in their taxi just after 6 in the morning ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

The Wilson’s traveled to Washington, D.C. from Texas. And since most of the streets around the capitol were blocked, they headed underground to the metro. It was a new experience but they got all the help they needed. Finally they were on their way.

“It seems like such a long way to get there right?” Bertha asked her husband. “Yes,” he replied.

Their journey to the inauguration has spanned longer than this day.

“We had always wanted to come you know but we never had,” Bertha says. “So this is our last chance.”

And the Wilson told me this year they were even more inspired.

“We worked real hard for Trump,” Bill says. “All the way through. Even when people thought he was going to lose we knew he would never lose.”

Getting back to ground level proved to be a challenge. But after overcoming a stalled escalator the Wilson’s encountered an even bigger test. Long lines. The line kept going and going. But as the sun came up the Wilson’s decided to make the most of their wait, staying excited even as temperatures and raindrops fell.

“You know it doesn't bother me,” Bertha says. “I am cold but it doesn't bother me. I just can't hardly wait.”

Nearly three hours later the Wilsons made it inside the National Mall. Then made their way to the capitol.

“You know the closer we get the more excited I get,” Bertha says.

They kept walking, looking for a spot, while taking in the sights and sounds. Finally they settled in a spot closer than they ever expected.

“Incredible,” Bertha says. “I mean it's an incredible experience.”

Bearing witness to history, moments these two say were worth every step.

“You know you make many sacrifices in life and you just push yourself to the extreme to enjoy,” Bill says. “This little chair is just a small minority that helps you just get around and do a better life.”

When asked if it was worth it Bill said, “Yes, definitely.”

Bertha added, “Oh yes and it hasn't been easy these last two days getting around but we wanted to be here.”

“It's God's will,” Bill says.