Taco Bell and Dunkin' join Grubhub to get food delivered

Posted at 2:08 PM, Feb 07, 2019

More restaurants are joining third-party delivery services, and today Yum Brands said two of its brands will be available on Grubhub.

Taco Bell may be ordered through the platform and will be available nationwide. Dunkin' is starting with a smaller pilot, also through Grubhub, Yum Brands said on earnings conference calls.

Grubhub is currently the market leader in third-party delivery for restaurants.

Franchisees across the U.S. have been expressing concern with third-party delivery fees — so much so the National Owners Organization was created to address frustrations, CNBC reports . They want to negotiate better commission rates, especially between Uber Eats and McDonald's.

Uber Eats charges 15 to 20 percent commission rates, CNBC reports.