Supreme Court puts on hold gerrymandering rulings in Michigan, Ohio

Posted at 4:01 PM, May 24, 2019

The Supreme Court agreed on Friday to put on hold lower court rulings that ordered new voting maps in Michigan and Ohio.

The move was widely expected as the justices are currently considering similar cases concerning partisan gerrymandering out of Maryland and North Carolina, and are expected to issue a ruling in those cases by the end of the term in late June.

Michigan and Ohio had asked the justices to step in to freeze the lower court orders while the justices consider the other cases. The justices granted the request with no noted dissents.

The partisan gerrymandering cases are among the most consequential cases before the justices. The court could, for the first time, establish a standard to decide when politicians go too far in drawing lines for partisan gain, or the justices could slam the door shut on such claims of extreme partisan gerrymandering.