Super Bowl security: Greatest concerns are traffic and weather; cell networks upgraded

Officials: Human trafficking will be watched for
Posted at 3:00 PM, Jan 30, 2019

Those who are attending Super Bowl 53 on Sunday are asked to secure valuables, firearms and more before arriving at their final destination ahead of the game. They are items that shouldn't or cannot be taken through the gates.

Security is beefed up immensely in Atlanta, Georgia where the big game will be played, and it involves more than 40 agencies that have worked more than 2 years on the game plan. Law enforcement officials say they feel OK about the weather, but traffic is going to be hectic. People are asked to remain patient and allow themselves lots of time to get to the game ahead of kickoff.

In a news conference conducted Wednesday afternoon, it was announced there are plans in place should something terroristic occur. If something does happen, leaders are prepared to transition to crisis response mode.

Safety officials were asked during Wednesday's news conference whether there was a threat of issues from drones. The response was that it has been heavily discussed and a flight restriction is in place from Jan. 31 through Feb. 3. No civilian drones are permitted as officials do not know which are for hobby and which are more of a threat.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations will lead safety protocols if a terroristic attack occurs. If it a life safety issue, fire personnel command the situation, officials said Wednesday.

Security leaders for the Super Bowl said there are rules about what can be taken through security checks into Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta and that attendees should be prepared for heavy screening.

In regard to possible human trafficking, security officials have been trained to watch for it, and said January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

The City of Atlanta has put cell network upgrades in place for spectators to be able to properly use their devices, but the upgrades are more for meeting safety needs first. Signal capacity has been doubled near Mercedes-Benz Stadium and Centennial Olympic Park, reports WSB in Atlanta.