Speaker Paul Ryan on Trump campaign staff indictments: 'Let the investigators do their jobs'

Ryan: 'Let the investigators do their jobs'
Ryan: 'Let the investigators do their jobs'
Ryan: 'Let the investigators do their jobs'
Posted at 5:26 PM, Oct 30, 2017

The news that has captured the nation's attention Monday involves the indictment of three people who played parts in President Donald Trump's campaign.

Wisconsin's own Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, may happen to be third in the line of succession for the Presidency, but he has a large job himself as leader of the larger house of the legislative branch.

When asked about the charges including those against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, Ryan made it clear these indictments are part of a long process.

"We need to let the investigators do their jobs and let the process and our legal course play itself out," he told WTMJ's John Mercure and Melissa Barclay on Monday.

"I haven't read the indictments. I don't know the scope of them. I can't say I was surprised one way or the other. This is what prosecutors do. I think this is going to have a process that is going to play out."

As for whether it would affect Congress at a time they are planning to pass tax code changes, he said in no uncertain terms that it would have a halting effect to their work.

"I really don't...see how this in any way inhibits or slows down our agenda," Ryan told WTMJ.

"Our political system, members of Congress and the executive branch, the whole thing can walk and chew gum at the same time. We're all capable of multitasking...those of us who are elected in Congress to solve people's problems and those in the executive branch who are elected or appointed to work on issues will do just that." 

Ryan spoke much more about the tax reform plans his branch aims to pass in the discussion on WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Afternoon News." Listen above in our show's podcast player and subscribe as well.