Snake, coyote encounter in Arizona captured by viewer

Posted at 9:32 PM, Apr 08, 2018

On Sunday morning, Annie Kane — a viewer of Scripps station KNXV in Phoenix — captured video of a coyote and snake coming face-to-face in Mesa, Arizona. 

The two don't get physical, but in the video the coyote tries lunging at the snake a few times.

Ultimately, we don't know how this meeting came to an end but it still gave us a cool look at these native creatures interacting. 

Watch the video of the encounter in the player above.

The video is the latest in a series of animal encounter videos in the region. 

On Saturday, a KNXV viewer shared video of two bobcats fighting in Scottsdale. 

Earlier in the week, a fight between a snake and a bobcat was captured by a KNXV viewer in Scottsdale as well.