Six-year-old fights off dogs during attack in Detroit, dad comes to her rescue

Posted at 6:45 PM, Jan 26, 2018

Six-year-old Te'Ayela Ringgold was just a few steps from being inside her school when two dogs charged her, one of which bit her in the leg.

It happened Friday morning outside Gompers Elementary-Middle School Detroit's west side.

Te'Ayela began kicking at the dogs as her father, who had just dropped her off, rushed to help her get inside the building to safety.  

A school security guard went to look for the dogs and, when he found them, had to fight them off with a stick.

Police located the two dogs about a block away at a vacant house. They could be seen walking around the house and onto the porch. Detroit Animal Control officers came and took the dogs away.

It's possible the dogs once lived at the house, which is now vacant.

A neighbor says the people who recently moved to another house in the neighborhood had two brown dogs, similar to the ones captured, that had gotten loose before. 

School officials describe the bite to Te'Ayela's thigh as a scratch. Her father said she did bleed a little, but after being treated at a hospital, she's now home and doing well.