President Trump's teenage protege heads to D.C. for State of the Union

Posted at 4:06 PM, Jan 29, 2018

When President Trump delivers the State of the Union Tuesday, there will be a young protege in the audience cheering him on. 

It has been a year since The Now caught up with Weston Imer packing for the inauguration.  

"So I'll be bringing all my Trump ties," Imer told us then. "Does it feel extra special when you have the Trump gear on too?" The NOW's Kumasi Aaron asked. "It does," Imer replied. "It just makes me feel so Trump."  

He was a serious trump supporter then. And now?  

"He's just honestly in my opinion been the best President since Ronald Reagan," Imer says.  

Now 14 and serving as an aide to a gubernatorial candidate, Imer fell in love with politics at a young age, and even had a presidential birthday party at nine.

He still vividly remembers watching the President take the oath of office.  

"It was pretty much the most amazing thing I have ever seen," Imer said.  

And after a year in office, Imer says he's proud of the president's performance.  

"I really thought that everything he has said and done could be the best that he's been honestly," Imer says.  

Yes, that includes the comings and goings in the White House.

"There's drama in every political campaign, in every White House and I just kind of ignored it," Imer says.  

It also includes the President's tweets.  

"Although some people may not like those tweets, it changes things," Imer says.  

Now, Imer is finalizing plans to head back to the nation's capitol, invited to watch President Trump deliver the State of the Union address.  

"I couldn't believe it," Imer says.  

He faced some backlash.  

"I had to tell my teachers that I'm going and that I will miss two days of school," Imer recalls. "I had to tell everyone. And I lost some friends."  

It's his reality as a Trump supporter, Imer says, but one that won't stop him from witnessing history again.  

"There's a lot of standing ovations," Imer says. "And so I'm going to have to wear some good shoes. So it's going to be amazing."

Imer is emailing the president in hopes that he might say hello during his White House tour.  

"I'm just making sure I don't sound overly pushy and that it isn't such a huge ask," Imer says.

Preparing for another highlight in what has already been an incredible political path.